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10 Common Mistakes Of Greenhouse Gardeners

  1. Not securing it to the ground.
    • Greenhouses need to be secured to a base and we highly recommend an anchor kit as well (that attaches it to the ground). That way your greenhouse won't leave with the wind!
    • Keep this in mind when you're assembling the greenhouse. Make sure the greenhouse is secured as you begin building it. Also, leave partially assembled parts (that aren't secured to a base) in a secure area like a garage.
  2. Not having adequate heating and/or cooling systems in place.
    • For heating consider options like space heaters.
    • For cooling consider shade nets, extra roof vents, doors on front as well as back (for increased ventilation), misting systems and thermostat control systems. Always ensure you have a thermometer in your greenhouse.
  3. Not Considering the Environment - Where is it placed?
    • Trees: If placed under trees, the branches might fall off and damage the greenhouse.
    • Sun: Does the location of your greenhouse get too little or too much sun? Be sure to maintain sun exposure properly and use items like sun shades to help control.
    • Wind: Avoid having the roof vents and the door opening side face the wind. The wind can catch them and cause damage or if your greenhouse isn't secured to the ground (see #1 above) the wind can lift your greenhouse!
    • Snow: Don't place your greenhouse somewhere where large amounts of snow will fall off onto it. For instance snow falling off roofs or large trees. Remember to not let snow build up on your roof and brush off the snow often.
  4. Not Insuring your Greenhouse.
    • You should add your greenhouse to your homeowner insurance. Protect your investment!
  5. Not realizing shipping times vary.
    • It can take 2-8 weeks to receive a greenhouse after ordering. Due to processing time, shipping start point, shipping end point and stock levels - popular models can sell out quick. (A lot of greenhouses are manufactured overseas so it takes weeks to get them back in once they've gone out of stock.)
    • Therefore be sure to order far enough in advance:
      • So you have enough time to plant.
      • So you don't hire contractors too early.
      • So you can still get it on time if it's a gift for a special event.
  6. Failure to Inventory your greenhouse parts.
    • There are a lot of parts for greenhouse kits. You should inventory first in case you're missing items. That way you can get all the replacement parts at once. Additionally, many greenhouse companies will replace those parts for free once. But if you contact them a second time, you may have to pay for the parts.
  7. Incorrectly installing the panels.
    • Most panels have a UV protected side. This will be labeled or somehow obviously noted. This side should be on the outside of the greenhouse to help protect the panels from UV damage.
  8. Be sure to buy a greenhouse that is tall enough for you.
    • You don't want to spend all your time hunched over in a greenhouse that isn't tall enough for you. So be sure to buy one that fits all the gardeners who will be spending time in there.
  9. Property Information and Approval.
    • Building Codes: Are there local codes you need to abide by?
    • HOA Codes: Does your HOA need to approve it?
    • Power lines: Is the greenhouse going to be too tall that it'll hit low lying power lines?
    • Dig lines: Ensure there are no utilities if you're digging to build a base.
    • Property lines: Respect easements and property lines.
  10. Not locking the greenhouse.
    • When not in use you should lock your greenhouse. Lock the door and roof vents. Otherwise animals could get in and eat your plants and/or get stuck in the greenhouse. Additionally by locking the door and vents you'll prevent the wind from the catching them.