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Learn About Greenhouse Panels

Choosing the type of panel that you need for your specific growing environment is one of the most important greenhouse choices that you can make. At Epic Greenhouses we want you to be informed and to have the best possible greenhouse for your growing environment. If you would like more info, or would like to order a FREE PANEL SAMPLE KIT, call us at TOLL-FREE 1-866-928-3150.



What is Twin-Wall Polycarbonate?

Twin-walled polycarbonate panels are plastic opaque panels that have a similar structure to cardboard.  They can range in thickness generally from 4mm up to 10mm thick panels.  The cardboard like structure allows for air pockets and thus is more insulating.








What this means for you

Polycarbonate is virtually shatter resistant and much safer than glass.  You can view how durable polycarbonate is here, where we demonstrate hitting polycarbonate panels with a baseball and golfball. > Greenhouse Panel Strength Test.









Single Layer Clear Polycarbonate

Single layer polycarbonate is another panel option in some greenhouses. It generally is thinner (1mm - 3mm) than twin-wall polycarbonate and can be crystal clear, which gives your greenhouse more of an appearance of glass.

(right: 1mm clear polycarbonate)











What’s the difference between an acrylic panel and a polycarbonate panel?

Both are a form of plastic but polycarbonate panels are generally plastic opaque panels that have a similar structure to cardboard while acrylic is a clear solid that is fairly thick and heavy, similar to a glass window pane.  

(left: solid acrylic panel)