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Juliana Greenhouses - Lowest Price Guaranteed

The Juliana Greenhouse brand is synonymous with your satisfaction - guaranteed. Juliana has delivered high quality products to the gardening market since 1963. Buy Juliana - and rest assured that you get a product which will make you happy for years to come. All products are designed in Denmark and were specifically engineered to withstand the harsh Scandinavian weather. Consequently, Juliana offers one of the best warranties in the business - a 12 year manufacturing guarantee on greenhouse profiles. Juliana offers a wide range of greenhouses, from small lean-to greenhouses to large commercial size greenhouses, and everything in between.


Juliana greenhouses are manufactured and imported from Denmark. They have been designed to withstand the extreme weather conditions of Northern Europe. They are constructed with engineered aluminum and twin wall polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the most advanced insulating panel ever developed for use in greenhouses.

The Juliana Greenhouse double-walled structure gives it greater strength (virtually unbreakable against baseballs, rocks, and hail) and superior insulating values with the air space built into the product. Twin-wall polycarbonate also provides your greenhouse with an even diffused light which is optimal for growing plants.

All Juliana greenhouses include ventilation windows in the top of the structure which eliminates the need for powered exhaust fans in most areas. The most effective way to vent your greenhouse is by letting hot air naturally rise out of the top. Reading about the wide range of Juliana hobby greenhouses you will see that they have incorporated many features as standard, which are found only as extras on other manufacturer’s models. There are plenty of models to choose from. We probably have the widest range of greenhouses on the market with sizes ranging from 4'3" * 2'2" to 65' * 12'.


1: Up to a 12 Year Guarantee

Juliana is all about quality - and we do practice what we preach. In regards to Juliana Greenhouse and Orangery products we offer a 12 year guarantee covering material or processing flaws on profiles. We also offer a 10 year guarantee on polycarbonate panels used in our greenhouses.

2: The Best Construction on the Market

Juliana is signified by Danish quality constructed and optimized for Scandinavian weather conditions to withstand pressure from strong winds and lots of snow. The profile dimensions of Juliana products are up to 50% wider and thus stronger than the products of many of our competitors.

3: Optimal Greenhouse Roof Angles

A roof angle of 30 degrees ensures that drops of condensation water do not harm your plants.All roof vents can be opened above 45 degrees which increases ventilation significantly.

4: Better Greenhouse Finish

We take great pride in supplying products with the best fit and finish - whether it's a hobby greenhouse or orangery. Ie. Polycarbonate sheets are attached with mounting lists in most models, providing a nice touch.

5: Security of Supply

Juliana is a company with worldwide locations and production with subsidiaries in the UK, Germany and the U.S. We have solid ownership and have delivered products to the global market since 1963. Today, Juliana is one of the biggest greenhouse manufacturers in the world. This means that if you ever need a spare part for your Juliana product, then chances are that the dealer actually has the opportunity to acquire the part you need through us.

6: Great Assembly Guides

All Juliana greenhouses are based on the do-it-yourself principle. Each greenhouse is provided with a detailed and illustrated assembly instruction guide that makes installation a breeze.

7: Greenhouse Accessories

All Juliana models have great accessories either standard or available, such as built-in gutter for drainage of water and all models are prepared for downpipes - or are delivered including downpipes (excluding the Diamond model). In addition, we offer a wide range of greenhouse and orangery accessories such as window openers. All accessories can be easily integrated with the Juliana greenhouse and orangery ranges.

8: Environmentally Friendly and Safe Packaging

Aluminum profiles and polycarbonate come in a rugged, environmentally friendly cardboard packaging.

9: Recycling

98% of the materials used in Juliana greenhouses are suitable for reuse and recycling.